Cubase and Mac OS Mountain Lion (10.8) ?

It has somewhat been covered here and there - but I’m curious - Is there going to be Cubase 6 version compatible with Mountain Lion 10.8 ? I tried Cubase on the developer preview 3 of it, doesn’t work straight out. I’m hoping to switch to it when it arrives, so hopefully you guys have been testing :slight_smile:

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They are probably ‘up to their necks’
working on getting Cubase 6(7?) ready
for both OS 10.8 (Mountain Lion) and Windows 8 (Metro).

Let’s hope so.

Usually when there’s a new OSX Steinberg get a version of Cubase/Nuendo out fairly soon after - 1-2 months? They can’t afford to miss out on sales to people who buy a new Mac…

I could only think someone at their R & D department has a developer account with Apple so they can test it beforehand…and I’m going to hold off updating until Cubase goes to 10.8 - it’s my main editor !

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We finally got the official word on OSX .8 (Mountain Lion)



Registered Apple Developer here - I’ve been using the 10.8 Golden Master (which is the same one due to be released to the public in a few days) and Cubase is working completely fine. I just did a regular upgrade over the top of 10.7 Lion and it’s been flawless.

I think 10.7 -> 10.8 is fine to upgrade… If you’re going from 10.6 to 10.7, I’d recommend a system clean install. Just my opinion based on my own tests, nothing official or anything.

It’s a nice OS. As always, check your audio drivers are compatible before upgrading (most of them are).


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