Cubase and new Xeons, Xeon performance in geneal? Dev comment?

I would appreciate hearing from devs if they have tested on Xeon CPUs and if they will test the new Xeons which are inbound this/next month.

Some positives going Xeon,

  • unchoked PCIe channels to the CPU - 112 PCIe lanes
  • up tp 56 cores
  • all cores are performance cores whereas i series having a mix of Efficiency Cores and Performance Cores
  • higher core counts
  • up to 4tb of RAM.
  • ECC Ram
  • low base frequencies but turbo boost up to typical speeds

What does Cubase like better, less cores+higher frequencies, or more cores+lower frequencies?


More info
https ://

w5-3435X Looks like a great DAW option
Cores/Threads 16/32 (All Performance Cores)
Base Freq 3.1
Turbo 2 Freq 4.5
Turbo 3 Freq 4.7
PCIe5 lanes 112
L3 cache 45mb
Unlocked Yes
TDP 270
Price $1589

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Hi there,
Additionally it would be usefull to figure if there is a high limit in term on number of cores, where it is not worth the price of CPU.
16 cores seems ok with Cubase but what about 24, 36, 56ā€¦ ???

Thanks to investigate (Iā€™m quite sure Cubase team would test this new Xeon solution)