Cubase and OBS Asio Issue with Steinberg UR44c

Hello Guys,

i have a problem with my OBS Asio plugin. At first i have all the latest Driver installed.
Now to my Problem:
I just use the Asio plugin in OBS to sperate my my channel inputs. channel 1 is my MIC and Channel 2 my Guitar. This works as long i start Cubase. When i start Cubase after i configured the Asio channels in OBS, Cubase cant load my Asio driver in OBS(no sound and inputs). When i try to configure my channels in OBS after i started Cubase i cant select my Channels in Asio.
I use Cubase 11 Pro and the Steinberg UR44c

I just try to install older driver for each of the used plugins/Audio Interface but nothing seems to work,

Has anyone an Idea how can i fix this? I can use my UR44C in OBS, but only when my Chanel 1 and 2 is put together, so cant mute my MIC without my guitar , this sucks.

Greetings Roukan

ASIO is an exclusive driver, no sharing between applications possible with standard ASIO drivers.
Use the search function…

Ok i found a solution. I just use AsioFlex in Cubase or in OBS, so they dont getting interrupt .

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Would you provide a link, please?

The only thing i recognize is that i have only 2 channels available in Cubase, and my Ur44 has up to 6. But thats fine for me, at now i only use 2 of them

i cant use links, but its called FlexASIO