Cubase and OBS +restream, why is OBS recording the mic when there's no signal going out of Cubase?

I’m trying to setup Cubase with OBS and restream. So far so good, OBS is recording my screen and audio coming out of Cubase.

Now I would like to do a voice over at the same time so I plug a mic into the Input 1 of my audio interface (Steinberg UR242 + SM57). I created a Mic channel in OBS:

But when I hit “record” in OBS, it picks my mic in both the mic channel AND the Cubase channel, although monitoring is turned off and I can’t see any audio coming out of the output where restream is inserted. Same thing if I mute my Input 1 in the mixer or if I set the fader all the way down. It still picks up my mic for some reason. It also put the sound on the left channel only in OBS.

So I can see an incoming audio signal from my mic in Input 1 in OBS but I can’t see any incoming or outgoing signal in Cubase from my mic. I don’t understand how that’s possible.

Do you have an idea on how to solve this?

How in the world would Reastream send audio that is not fed into it ? Is it only when you hit Record, or the Reastream meters always show activity even when the channel is silent ? This is some really obscure thing, you should double check your routing/settings.

Since you talk about using Reastream, does Cubase crash when you close it or when you remove the plugin ? Because that’s what I’m experiencing in any version of Cubase, even after a clean PC install.

That’s why I would recommend anyone to use Sonobus instead.
It really is the ultimate plugin for streaming audio between applications, and it even comes with a standalone executable which also supports multi-instance. And with virtual cables the possibilities are infinite.
This thing is bit perfect when you select PCM format. I have made the experiment by creating an input bus with one instance of Sonobus, and a second instance on an already recorded track. I have then recorded the existing track to an empty one, and after lining up the samples and inverting the phase it was perfect null.
The best part is that each instance work both ways, as a transmitter and as a receiver, making it an easier and better alternative to VST Connect when you need to record someone’s performance from a distance.

No Restream is not crashing my Cubase, it’s crashing only if I mess with its settings while recording with OBS.

I’m sure there is something missing in my routing/settings. I didn’t know about Sonobus, I’ll check it out but it looks interesting at first glance.

Regarding my issue, here is a screenshot where you can see audio coming out of my mic into Mono IN 1 (Input 1 of my interface) and nothing comes out of the Stereo Output (restream). But as you can see, OBS is receiving the audio signal from my mic in the OBS “Cubase Mix” fader channel (restream) and just audio on the left channel btw.

If I mute every Input channels and set them to -∞, still nothing seems to be coming out of Cubase but OBS is still receiving the audio signal from Input 1 into this OBS “Cubase Mix” channel.

I don’t get it.

“why is OBS recording the mic when there’s no signal going out of Cubase?”
Because you have selected the mic as a seperate audio input in OBS? I don’t use OBS or restream, so could easily be wrong and am hesitant to comment, but I can’t understand why if you want your mic running through Cubase, You would also select it as seperate input inside obs too. Also it looks like you have nothing routed to the restream channel in cubase anyway, Again maybe this is how restream works, I have no idea but looks odd.

I tried to reproduce your setup and got no issue.
Now I understand why your mic is going through both your Cubase and Mic channels in OBS.
Hold my beer.

When you add an audio input in OBS, you have no choice but to choose a physical input from the list. It is set to Default by default, which is your default device that you set in Windows audio settings. If by any chance this default device is your mic input, that explains why it also captures it. Reastream does not block the incoming audio, which means both the Reastream output and the incoming audio on that same channel will be mixed together. And yes, your mic will output from only one side, because the inputs of an interface in Windows are always paired in stereo (1+2, 3+4 etc), and since your mic is on the input 1, it only gets outputted on the left channel.
To prevent this from happening, you just need to select a input that you don’t use.

I’m still here if you need any help.

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Thank you guys for the pointers. I think that you, Louis, are onto the solution. Unfortunately, I have no other option in my windows Sound settings. Do you think installing the realtek audio driver will eventually solve this? But it won’t pick the signal from Cubase or the mic, right?

Screenshot 2022-05-27 110111

Any other input will solve this, just use one that won’t produce any audio.
You can install virtual cable if you don’t want to reinstall realtek.

No, in OBS you still have one channel for your Mic, and one channel for Cubase. For your mic you still select your mic input, but for Cubase it’s the Reastream plugin that will inject the audio. I explained it in my previous post :

Got it, thank you Louis!

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