Cubase and Precount


When recording with the precount, data in the precount are recorded, making overlap on the previous pattern. How can i remove this ? (The overlap is proportioal to the precount settings)

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I’m assuming you mean pre-roll? Cubase has both a count-in feature and a pre-roll feature. Count-in is how many beats/bars of metronome only that will be played before recording starts. During this, the playhead does not move. Pre-roll is how many beats/bars of the project that will be played back, in front of the current playhead location, upon hitting play/record. When you hit play/rec, you see the playhead jump back the defined number of bars and scroll forward.

What feature are you trying to use, in which version of Cubase and are you trying to record audio or midi?

No, I meant Pre-count/click button.
I’ve seen about preroll, but they seems to be desactivated and set to
When i set 1 bar in the precount settings the offset is one bar.
I i set 4 bar in the precount setting, it’s four bar.
It’s very annoying because at the end of recording the track is longer and need to bet reset minus precount set number of bar. If you have the delete overlap option, it cut litterally the other one. It seems that i’m not alone having this trouble.

What version of cubase are you using and what are the steps to replicate the issue? I am not able to replicate on my end. The closest I came was that if you try to use the count-in feature, you must be at the beginning of a bar, as seen in the post linked below. If you can post a screenshot or video capture that would be ideal.


I’ve tried these simple step:
New project
New midi track
Put the cursor to bar 23. Snap step 1 bar
Pushed record
armed the track
Puched record again
Offset of the set numbers of bar in the precount setup window.
Will push some pictures and try again with special care of the information above.

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Ps: Four or five that depends? if you set 1, it’s one or two!


Thanks for the info. Hopefully somebody can help you. I’m not familiar with Cubase 7.5 since I started using Cubase at version 10. I know this isn’t the answer you want but I can not replicate the issue in Cubase 11 or 12. Perhaps a big that was fixed somewhere along the way.

Thanks anyway for trying to help.
It is not a bug because at the beginning it wasn’t doing that.
Also a lot of user have this issue so with different version till 3 4 up to 8.5 - 9.
I remember that i activated something via midi command when trying all of them for my controller command midi mapping.
I think there isn’t a gui command to desactivate it.
But which midi command it was?
they are so many command midi or key that aren’t gui displayed.
Perhaps directly in the sttings files i have to see.
But yes, i’m fed trying to fix things instead of maling music and hope some of the ones had the issue fix it and can share the solution.


I finally decided to reinstall the whole customized cubase 7.5 on xp…
No more issue, it’s not a bug but something activated but what…

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