Cubase and Reason

I managed to get Reason to talk to Cubase and they are running together as they should. Now my question is - when connecting a midi track to a reason track I open ‘out’ in the inspector on a midi track in Cubase. Somehow I get this long list of different stuff from my Reason project that I have loaded. Refer to the screenshot.

It shows both tracks and all rack units, etc. Is there somehow I can get Cubase to show only TRACKS from Reason.

I know this might be something that should be set up in Reason, but could be that some other people here had experience with tit.

Best - Thomas

No-one here are running reason and Cubase together ?


Yes I do occasionally and there’s no way to filter that list - it’s just the way Rewire works. It presents all devices for selection.

You can reduce the number of items in your list by creating a Reason template with minimal rack devices though e-g removing the Master Section inserts and sends if not needed. You can even remove the Mix Channels for each device if your workflow allows.

ah ok I see. thanks for the reply. At least I know that there is no direct way to do it.

I will live with it, and might remove the mix-channels as described above.

Regards Dr Tolle