Cubase and recognizing line 6 spider v amp

Having trouble getting cubase to record through my line 6 spider v amp. I have everything up to date and the right drivers installed. The computer recognizes the amp and I can play music through it but in cubase nothing relating to the amp shows up anywhere. One thing I have noticed is I don’t have the devices tab that I see being used in videos.

Hi and welcome,

If you have Cubase 9.5, the Devices > Device Setup has been renamed to Studio > Studio Setup.

Hi everiobody!

I have a Line6 Spider V30 amp, and i can’t make recording whit this.
I have an audio interface focusrite too. I need this unit to make recordings, or i need only the Amp, laptop whit Cubase Le?
Is there any tutorial video on the net, how this Works?