Cubase and Roland/Cakewalk VS700 Fantom Synth


The Fantom Synth doesn´t really works in Cubase. I can´t change Presets or anything that is beyond the bar.
I try Cubase LE7(KeysVersion) Win8.1
and Cubase 6 Elements Win7 64bit

Any Ideas?
With Hermann Eib VSThost it works.

Hi there! You can get the Fantom VS to work in Cubase. First you need the Fantom VS VST that you used with Cakewalk (Fantom VS.dll). Then you need a program called JBridge. It’s available online for about $20 USD. This program lets you wrap 32-bit plug-ins to work in a 64-bit host (like Cubase). Then you can use the Fantom editor inside Cubase for full functionality. It works great!

Just a tip for mac users.
For versions of mac OS greater then Mavericks, turn off the SIP settings before trying to use the VS-700.
In fact you should reinstall the drivers once the SIP is disabled. SIP is basically the driver signing enforcement. The old VS-700 OSX drivers (kexts) are not signed.
When done it works great in all respects. Using it with Cubase 10 - and High Sierra no real issues.
Except the channels are not named.
The inputs on the usb driver interface are numbered.
Input 1/2 is Fantom VS, 3/4 is aux, 5/6 onward map to the vs ch1/2 onwards.
The Fantom VST is win only so use Device Mangler to add Fantom X.