Cubase and Steinberg UR22

My Cubase software recognises and identifies my Steinberg UR 22 for selection but won’t play anything through my headphones. Anyone know what to do?
I’m using Apple.

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Is the phones volume up on the hardware? Can you hear a sound from other source?

Could you attach a screenshot of the Audio Connections > Outputs, please?

Is the mix dial all the way right? turn it back to the left…


No difference either way.

It may be worth pointing out that when I route the output to my UR22, nothing shows (registers) on the studio faders.

This is not the case if I route the sound to my Apple Mac internal speakers system.

Does that suggest it’s software or computer connections?

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What do you mean with that?
Can you provide a screen shot please?

to copy images in a post you have to elevate your user level inside the forum
to read some more posts helps a lot on this…
search for UR22, there are many posts about that on Mac
most of them related to security settings that changed in the last two years or so on the Mac not allowing sound output to Cubase…

oh I forget
the image embedding doesn’t work with the e-mail feature of the forum for new users


You should be able to attach a screenshot now. It would be really helpful.

Dear Martin
I have the USB cable for my Apple Mac to my UR22 (all knob positions investigated) - This provides both the power and signal from the software.
There is no signal - Software or connections?