Cubase and UR28M to create tutorials - audio problem.


I am using Cubase Artist 9.5 on a Windows 10 PC. I am also using an UR28M as my audio interface/monitor controller.

I am looking into making some Cubase tutorial videos using (ideally) OBS Studio to capture all the desktop action.

I am not having success getting the Cubase audio output recognized by any of the desktop recorders that I have tried (including OBS).

They seem to only recognize the default Windows audio setting which shows as analog line in on the UR28M as the audio source.

I have engaged loopback on the UR28M but cannot see how to integrate or access the DAW output it creates.

I have tried using Rewire, but with no success either.

So, summarizing, I am trying to find a way to have the Mix output of Cubase picked up by a desktop recorder in real time.

Looking forward to any suggestions.




For this kind of task you need some kind of virtual audio cable, which can grab the output and connect it to a virtual input.

Thanks Martin.

I installed VB Virtual Audio Cable successfully. It is recognized by Windows and OBS.

I cannot figure out how to route from Cubase to it however. It never seems to appear anywhere within Cubase as an option for an output or send.

Let me know if you have any guidance.




I’m sorry, I don’t know this software.

Hello Martin. I have the same problem as SteveH, although my OS is MacOS High Sierra.
I’ve tried it with Soundflower 2.02 and the Loopback2 demo but I can’t get either Filmora or OBS to “listen” to Cubase Pro (if I choose the Steinberg interface as ASIO driver. If I choose the Integrated Audio of the MacBook Pro, so I don’t have already problems)
Could you tell us how you got it and what virtual audio cable you use to make videotuts?
Thanks and greets,

The UR28M has a function called LOOPBACK that’s theoretically designed for these tasks but it does not work either.
I think it has to be a problem with the multimedia driver of the UR28M with High Sierra.


On Mac Loopback is very useful to mix several Audio sources to one Output. If you want to record it, you can use Audio Hijack from the same company.

Thanks a lot, Martin. I’m going to try Audio-Hijack and check if we can unblock this problem.

Hi mates.

I need some advice as I am trying to do exactly the same things. Basically I am using Cubase 10 and UR28M. My plan is to create some Cubase tutorial using OBS Studio.
I have activated loopback function but I can’t figure out how to get Cubase output and my microphone to work together.
I am so frustrated as I cannot reach a final solution.

Any further help will really appreciate.


See my post above and use some virtual audio cable, please.

I tried, and tried, but could not get the virtual audio cable idea to work, so gave up.


Are you on Mac or on Windows? Which of the Virtual Cable software have you tried?

The general idea is to send the signal from Cubase to the Virtual Audio input, same as the source from your mice. Then select the Virtual Audio Cable as the audio source in your other (screen capture) software.

I use PC. Windows 10

Help us


Sorry, I’m not Windows user, but it seems Virtual Audio Cable is the software, you are searching for.

Btw, this is Cubase forum and your topic has nothing to do with Cubase, in fact.