Cubase and Yamaha CLP 785 electric piano

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Hello, I bought a Yamaha CLP 785 piano (the highest end CLP) and I am surprised that Cubase, produced by Steinberg, now a subsidiary of Yamaha, does not recognize it in terms of the sound map. Indeed, I should be able, from my Cusase (8.5), to manage the 16 channels of the CLP 785 and assign one of the 50 sounds that this piano contains to each of the channels. I haven’t found the solution yet. Thank you in advance for your answers. Have a good day.

Seems a rather recent one and I could be wrong, but I don’t remember Steinberg providing sound maps/patch lists for each and every Yamaha instruments released in the past.

So, as you want the sound map at disposal, it’s probably better to do the following (in Cubase Pro - with other versions, things are different as, as far as I remember, the External instruments feature isn’t available - from which, you’ll have to define the associated audio returns ‘by hand’, but the steps 1) and 4) are still relevent) :

  1. Create in Cubase first, an added MIDI device associated to it with the MIDI device manager window (Studio>More options>MIDI device manager…). In this window and using the Open device button, you’ll be able to create the wanted soundmap for it (more details in p.795 in the Cubase Pro Operation manual - ‘Defining new MIDI devices’).
  2. Create an external instrument for it (Audio connections window - External instruments pane)
  3. Add the instrument with the Instrument rack (VST instruments window).
  4. Add the needed MIDI channels afterwards.

That’s what I did for all my hardware instruments and, even if it seems rather complicated at first, it’s reliable on the long run. Simply, DO NOT forget to save the MIDI device created with the Export setup button in the MIDI device manager window…

Thanks a lot. I’ll try it.

Have a goog sunday.


Hello Yves, I have exactly the same need. Did you finally create the sound map / patch list ? Did you export the result as an xml file ?
Because I would be very interested to import it !
(CLP-785, and Cubase 11 - Elements)
If so let me know, and we’ll keep in touch (and maybe communicate in French :slight_smile: )
Yves Le Guern

Hello Yves, Did you ever get that MIDI sound map for the CLP-785?

well I ended up creating it myself lol. It was a bit fastidious, especially with the numerous XG sounds …

I know (lot of work I think). Would you be willing to share the XML file…?

CLP-785 Preset Voice List.xml (960.1 KB)

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Super duper! Thanks so much Yves, I’m having a very happy day now with my CLP :-).
Une très belle journée musicale à toi aussi !

Having fewer musical constraints, I dropped out of this forum almost a year ago and, thanks to yleguern, I’m coming back to it today! Meanwhile, this one created the xml file of our dreams! Really great ! Again, thank you again, yleguern!
However, not being a computer specialist, could someone tell me how to associate my Cubase with the CLP785? Like “for hard beginners”? Is Cubic13’s modus operandi appropriate?
Last question: I understand that Cubase 12 brings advances in terms of MIDI synchronization with remote instruments. True or false ?
Good evening to all.

I’m not sure what you mean by this. Could you instead share how the CLP is configured in Cubase now, and what features/functions you feel are missing?

“MIDI synchronization” is not the right word. Cubase 12 introduces MIDI Remote which intends to be the successor of the more cumbersome Generic Remote. It handles MIDI controllers with knobs, faders, buttons, etc. and binds these to different Cubase functions. Such as having your faders on your MIDI device control the faders in Cubase’s mixer for example.

Hello Yves,
Thanks again for the XML file for the CLP785 piano.

The list of instruments appears well in the track inspector. But when I click on an instrument to play this new instrument, no change occurs. Ditto when I change the program changes.

Am I missing something?

Thanks for the reply and have a nice day.


Bonjour Yves,

Encore merci pour le fichier XML concernant le piano CLP785.

La liste des instruments apparaît bien dans l’inspecteur de piste. Mais quand je clique sur un instrument pour faire jouer ce nouvel instrument, aucun changement ne se produit. Idem quand je change les program changes.

Ai-je raté une étape?

Merci pour la réponse et bonne journée.