Cubase and youtube running at the same time


I have Cubase LE 11 and when it’s running youtube videos stops working. I’ve had the same setup before with my iMac and everything worked fine.

I have my guitar plugged into my amp and out through emulated output into my Audient iD14. I also have a gaming (Steelseries Arctis 5) connected via USB - My music headset with jack input broke, but this setup worked on my iMac.

How do I get all sound through my headset with my guitar sound in cubase and youtube running as well? I’m so frustrated at the moment, this shouldn’t be a problem and it might be the reason I’m switching back to iMac. (Get a PC they said, It’ll be fun)

I’ve tried with ASIO4All and voicemeeter banana, but can’t figure it out as it seems like you need an education to get it setup.


Not sure what you’re trying to achieve exactly.

If you wish to route non ASIO apps into the Cubase Mixer try ASIOLinkPro:

Here’s a thread on the topic:

Thanks for the fast reply.
I need to be able to practice guitar (through cubase) and watch /Listen to songs on youtube at the same time. Also a program like guitar pro would be nice to be able to run at the same time as cubase.
When i start cubase, my youtube videos on chrome stops playing.

I see.

Make sure in the Cubase audio settings that it’s not set to exclusively take over the audio card. You might also check that your audio drivers from the windows control panel are not set to exclusive mode as well (if possible, there will be a check box for the option).

It shouldn’t be a problem for multiple apps to stream audio at the same time. Toggle this setting and see what happens. If neither works, you’ll need a multi-host driver bridge like ASIOLinkPro above.

If you use ASIOLinkPro in the mix, then you can bring your browser right into the Cubase Mixer along side your guitar and and everything else to monitor/record/whatever from those mixer channels.

Try this first (both modes) and see if this alone is enough to meet your needs.


  1. Select Studio > Studio Setup.
  2. In the Devices list, select Audio System.
  3. Activate Release Driver when Application is in Background.


The application that has the focus gets access to the audio hardware.

If this doesn’t get it done, give ASIOLinkPro a try, and route the browser into a running instance of Cubase, make an audio track with this as the input, toggle the listen button for the track on so it’s monitoring.