Cubase Anime

Just watched an episode of a random anime called Angel’s 3Piece… This is pretty cool (at first). Seeing Cubase in anime is so cool haha. I’m guessing they used Cubase since Steinberg is owned by Yamaha which is Japanese?

Anyway, super cool… til it gets creepy. The writer is 100000% a pedophile. Just watch the first half of the episode. The Cubase at the start is cool. I’m excited to see Cubase in anime but also creeped out AF at the pedophile undertones in the 2nd half of the episode. As a parent, kinda pisses me off, but again the Cubase in it is cool… I wonder if the Steinberg/Cubase team have seen it… or if there are other anime that show Cubase.

I just watched that episode. That is DEFINIELY Cubase, and yes, the show did get really creepy at the end.

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Yeah, it’s cool that it even looks like a recent version of Cubase. That would be cool if there were non-creepy animes that had more Cubase in it.