Cubase "App" not in Win 10 Sound Mixer setting

I’m trying to route VST output through my USB mixer, but when I open up the WIn10 Sound Mixer thing Cubase is not amongst the apps listed. Googling around, I tried running as administrator, but I got the same results.

Also, in Studio–>Audio Settings, I was half expecting to be able to choose my outputs there, but all I have “HD Audio”. Please let me know if that is NOT the expected behavior. Thanks!

Cubase uses ASIO (low latency) drivers to communicate with the hardware.
Windows sound system is useless for that.
You will have to install ASIO drivers for your usb mixer for Cubase to be able to use it.

I do have ASIO4ALL installed as per the mixer manual. I see the USB device in windows and it tests just fine and the little test tone goes thru the mixer and out thru my PA.

AHA, Ok, that was easy! ASIO4ALL clumsily dropped a PDF installation guide on my desktop, which I happened to notice accidentally. Figured it was just another driver, install and go. But 2 minutes reading cleared that up. I did notice a blurb near the windows tray whenever I started CU-- something like 512 samples, figure it was a VST thing. But further exploration revealed that that is, in fact, ASIO4ALLv3- CUBASE. Right click, and deselect the PC speakers and select the USB output, and VIOLA!

It’s very noisy, though, lots of pops and hiss. I guess I’ll have to make some tweaks. But it’s working!

Thanks for making me think a bit!!