Cubase ARA Extensions

I don’t see Cubase Extensions menu item for ARA extensions in Cubase 11.
How do you enable it? I have a number of ARA plugins such as SynchroArts Revoice Pro and Melodyne Studio, but Cubase 11 now doesn’t appears to see these.



Double check the Studio > More Options > System Component Information > Extensions.

Can you see the ARA plug-ins here?

Make sure the ARA plug-ins are installed in the proper folder, please.

This attachment shows the Program Plugins and Cubase 11 app contents.
I see no reference to specific ARA plugs for Melodyne Studio or Revoice Pro but both these have their VST3 plugs in the VST directory and are showing in Plugin Manager.

The Audio drop down menu is not showing an extension option at all.
Im assuming that should be displayed there?

I don’t know if relevant but when looking at the info plist for the araservice bundle i notice in its array section it references Mac OS Mojave but I’m using Catalina (it may have been Mojave at the date of the file creation).

I do know at initial install of Cubase 11 that the extension menu item was there so either an OS update or a Cubase crash resetting parameters are most likely causes for its disappearance. Are the menus driven by the default.xml parameter file?


Win10 here, but I have the same issue. And my System Component window looks the same.
(I don’t actually see an ‘Extensions’ tab in System Components though)


Me neither, I assume that’s just an error in description, but hopefully Martin will respond on that with the image above.

Interesting you have the same issue on Windows which seems to negate this being an Operating system change issue. So perhaps this was the result of the last Cubase 11 update breaking something. I wonder if recovering the former version of the app from a backup is a viable test or whether that would mess with other parameters.

Hopefully Steinberg support should know what they changed to see if its related.


I see the extensions tab on my system, and it shows the two ARA extensions I have (Melodyne, Spectralayers Pro). Using Cubase 11, Windows 10 Pro.

Where do you see it? I used to see it only under the Audio Menu drop down.
Do you see it in the System Component information as in the Image I posted?


I’ve managed to make the Extension tab appear in System Components for Revoice pro as this has to have a special link file added as a plugin to a track for Cubase to recognise.
This doesn’t work for Melodyne or Spectral Layers as they must be recognised as ARA apps by a different process and that recognition by Cubase is not working.

Wonder how Spectral Layers editor should be identified to Cubase for ARA recognition. Presumably a pointer is needed to tell Cubase to use SpectralLayers as one of its Editor choices. Ill have a look at the SL Forum for that? These extensions were working so something has been wiped out off my machine so it looks like the issue might be in the preference/xml files as they are rebuilt to defaults if corrupted. Given I have recently had some Freeze - Force quit issues there’s a possibility that those parameter files get corrupted by failing to close cleanly.


This is how does it look like on my side.


Now managed to get that tab to show via my Revoice Pro link file as a plugin.
I have both Spectralayers 7 and Melodyne Studio 5.1.1 but neither of those currently are appearing.

What does Cubase read to identify apps as ARA capable to add them to the extension tab. It seems its just not seeing either of those two apps.

They were all showing at one point but something appears to have gone missing on my system which Cubase was using to identify before, maybe caused by a crash/freeze corrupting files at shutdown and rebuilding on new boot not picking up the parameters needed.


Update - Found the reason. ARA extensions must find the related ARA capable plugin in the root of the VST3 plugin folder. If the plugin is nested in a sub-folder in my case due to keeping plugins organised by vendor on the hard disk, then ARA extensions fails to identify its existence.

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On my mac just found the solution.
the ARA plugins must be in the root of my VST3 plugin folder. I tend to keep my plugins organised by vendor sub folders and ARA Extensions can’t seem to handle that. The plugins work OK if in subfolders its just the ARA extension processing doesn’t. So I suspect if you check your windows vst3 plugin folder your ARA related plugins won’t be in the root of that folder.

I’m using the Revoice Pro 4 ARA extension, as well as the Melodyne, and Spectral Layers. Are these the only three available for cubase? I did a Google search for this, and did not get good results.


This is not on Cubase side. The plug-in vendor decides what plug-in type to create.

For several plug-ins it doesn’t make sense to act as ARA. Here you can read more about Audio Random Access (ARA).

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I’m having the same problem as you.

I definitely set up a vocalign ultra

but I can’t see it in the extension. How did you solve it in detail?

Tell me so that I can understand slowly.

im mac 10.14.6
Cubase 10.5.20

My Ara extension also disappeared. I´m running Cubase 12.0.3. Windows 10
Don´t have the extension tab in System Component information nor in any menu. In one of the updates it vanished everything was working ok in V12.0.0
I do have my Melodyne installed in the VST3 root folder.