Cubase arranger track - hot keys?

Hi, I use the Cubase Arranger track in a live situation, to run a set list of backing tracks + midi signals for switching patches, running lights etc. It works great - but I have to use a mouse.

When viewing the arranger track window, I can use the UP and DOWN arrow keys to move up and down tracks, but when I hit space bar to play, it plays whatever track is selected on the little triangle/play icon to the left of the tracks. What key can I use so when I use the up and down arrow keys, I can press a key to “select” the track that is highlighted and set the little triangle/play icon to select that track - so when I press space, that one will start? Driving me mad :slight_smile:


You can use Next Chain Step and Previous Chain Step commands from the KeyCommand’s Arranger folder. Or you can assign up to 20 KeyCommands to trigger the dedicated Arranger Events.
Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 22.20.34.png

Hi - thanks for the reply (and sorry for my delay). Unfortunately this doesn’t quite have the desired effect - as when I am in live mode, I need to have the arranger editor screen open so I can see the “set list” on screen. The arranger keys work only when the editor window is closed, so it kind of defeats the object of being able to scroll down and then “select” the one I want, as I can’t see what I’m selecting on the list.

I’ve just started experimenting with the Arranger Track and was wondering how to trigger Arranger Events with hot keys opposed to having to click with a mouse. How did you get all those trigger commands in your Preferences? I checked my Preferences and i don’t have anything like that. Did you create them somehow? Also, can events be triggered via MIDI (e.g. CC or key ranges on a controller keyboard to trigger events).



The Key Commands are nit in the Preferences, but in the File > Key Commands. First, you have to create these Arranger events, to make them visible in the Key Commands window.

Yes, you can controll it also via MIDI by using Generic Remote Device (please, search the forum).

Thanks! I’m sorry, you’re right. I meant the Key Commands instead of Preferences. I had looked for the Key Commands like you have in your screenshot and didn’t see any. I thought this might have been because I had already “Flattened” the Arranger Events, but when I opened the version of my track that wasn’t Flattened yet, I still don’t see the triggers listed in the Key Commands list like you have (not even with the editor open).
Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 9.25.58 AM.png

I’m still stuck at the same place too. Can anybody help explain how to “create the arranger events”, so they are visible in “Key Commands”?


Are you sure it’s possible? I’m not with Cubase right now, but I would be really surprised. It’s just another event for Cubase. Same as an Audio or MIDI events. There are no KeyCommands for the events.

Is this function not available in version 8.04?

After adding arranger parts I do not see them in the Key Commands dialogue box and if they are not there they won’t be in the Value/Action column of the Generic Remote