Cubase Artist 10.0.60 Timeline messed up?

Hi, my four bar beat in this example should go along till beat 5 on the timeline.
But it will be out of time in this cycle.
Only when i cut it of in the timeline it will be in sync.
Do i overlook something?

Does it play out of sync or what exactly is happening?

In the screenshot you have the cyle ending before bar 5 and Cubase will just loop the blue cycle.

With the cycle ending at the loop is a seamless four beat bar.
But theoretical the ending of the loop should go till
I’ve reproduced this later in a new project and then it works like it should do.
But it happens regular that the timeline count doesn’t work as it should do.
And that’s annoying.

I think I don’t exactly get the problem.

Does the tempo of the midi content match project tempo? If to equals a bar… as I said, I don’t get really get it…

For so far as i see: The metronomecount doesn’t match with the beats on the timeline.
As i mentioned earlier, when this happens i’ll make a new project and start all over again. But this disarrange happens to often, it’s frustrating.
Could it be a bug?

No idea really, never happened here.