Cubase Artist 10 hitpoint to sampler

Hi guys I’m looking to make the move to Cubase Artist from logic X but would like to know if some of my workflow in Logic can be achieved in Cubase?
Please can anyone tell me:

Is it possible to slice audio into regions and export them to a sampler as a mapped instrument?

Also When Quantizing audio does Cubase stretch the gap inbetween regions?

thank you for any help


You can Slice an Audio, and export it to the Sampler. I’m sorry, I don’t know exactly, what do you mean by “mapped instrument”?

Yes, you can use Audio Warp to stretch the sound, instead just moving it. So there are no gaps after. But Audio Quantize is not part of Cubase Artist, this is Cubase Pro only.

Hiya thanks for the reply i was hoping there was a way to slice a wav in the arrange into 1 beat regions then quickly import these regions into a cubase sampler to a range say C1 to G8.
Is this possible?


Yes, you can do this in the Sampler Track.

ok fab! does this mean ill need a seperate sampler track per region or can all regions fit into one sampler track?

This is possible with Groove Agent. Just drag and drop onto the pads and they will auto-map across the keyboard.


If you want a tuned “sampler”, so you can play it “as piano”, use the Sampler Track. If you want to use it as a drums, use Groove Agent.

grand thank you for this. I have been reading on groove agent SE4 included with Cubase artist. Is it limited to 16 pads? I read somewhere that 128 pads is for an upgraded add on but this amount of pads would cover what im trying to do.

The numbers above the pads allow to change ‘group’. So you’ve got 8x 16.

Hi all it looks like Halion 6 has features to slice at hitpoints and then map to keys quickly.


Just to prevent a confusion, HALion 6 is not part of Cubase. Only HALion Sonic SE is part of Cubase licence, but this VSTi doesn’t have this feature.

Thanks for headsup