Cubase Artist 10 not working with Novation Impulse and Automap 4


Does anyone knows how to let cubase work with novation automap 4?
The setup wizard asks to select the daw and keyboard/controller to set it up.
So far so good…
Thereafter it says: we don’t currently have a setup guide for Cubase 1 and Impulse 49-61…

I bought this impulse 61 keyboard to let it work with automap/cubase as it is advertised.
But it does’t work.
Tried to get some answers from the novation forum but they shut it down…
Anyone have a solution for this?
Thanks in advance.

There is a beta version that works with Cubase 10 and impulse 61. There is a post somewhere on here that links that beta download. If you can’t find it PM and I’ll email you the automap that works with Cubase 10.

I have the same problem, the beta version is here:

I just downloaded it right now, but didn’t try it yet… I hope it works…

Hello guys,
I found that my Novation Nocturn controller doesn’t work unless its connected to a USB2.0 port. If I connect it to a USB3 port, it doesn´t work.

Thought that might help someone here.

Hi, have you tried to put compatibility settings (windows 7) of the automap server and relaunch it ?
There is an issue with 32/64bits systems…

Im Having issues with Automap . downloaded the latest version , followed the instructions as normal ,set up my paths for the scan , opened Cubase 10.5.20 and Automap ,see the mixer and see’s my 3rd party plugin’s but non of the stock plugin’s bar 1 .

Any idea’s . all the plugin’s are showing up in the Automap server and are active but no plugins are working