Cubase Artist 10 Projects Not Opening in Cubase Pro 10.5 [SOLVED]


I recently upgraded from Cubase Artist 10 to Cubase Pro 10.5 and while some of the projects open, not all of them though, the ones that do open have plugins and VST’s which are not loaded properly. For some big projects with Mixes that are already dialed in on all the plugins and instruments this is a big issue!

The issues are mainly with Kontakt, Valhalla, East West and Slate Plugins. They all have an exclamation mark next to the plugin and if I reload them from the drop down menu it works sometimes but of course, all the settings are reset as it’s a new instance which is not good.

I checked the videos on the Cubase YT Channel and some other forums for migrating from one version or computer to another but it doesn’t seem to work on my end. I copied the preferences and then main folders from the previous Artist Version as mentioned on there which carried the preferences and key commands etc over which is good. But no cigar on the plugins and some VST’s.

I’ll reinstall the failed plugins again and let anyone know if that worked and hope it helps someone else.

Working on Windows10, Cubase 10.5

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help,

It seems to be that the ‘VST2 Plug-in Path Settings’ have been changed from the previous install. Moving from Artist to Pro also seems to mean that even if I open up my previous ‘Artist 10 Version’, it has the same issue and has overwritten my old settings.


It was a ‘VST Plug In Manager’ problem. After pointing the folders once again to the previous versions folder routing and making sure they point to each companies folder (DriveC -> Program Files -> East West) rather than just the general ‘Program Files’ folder. I rebooted the project and with no warning issues it booted up. I’m not sure if it recalled the actual settings on the plugins though.

This took a bit of time to manually point to each folder and I hope Steinberg can make it so that these VST Plugin Folder paths are contained in the folders or can be carried over easier from version to version and we don’t have to point to each individual folder each time we upgrade.

I hope this can help someone in the future if you have the same issue!