Cubase Artist 10 to Artist 10.5 (Win 7 to Win 10)

Hi, I purchased Artist 10 in June 2019.
But now, I went from Win 7 to Win 10 on a new computer.
And when I try to install Artist 10.5 the message is License activation failed.

How can I get Artist 10.5 working on this new computer?

You should not have to activate again, since your eLicenser USB dongle should have your License on it. You can just start downloading and installing.

I thought C- 10.5 was a regular update for C-10 and on my old, and now crashed, Win 7 computer I couldn’t install 10.5 because Win 10 was required.
I never installed it because the Win 7 computer couldn’t handle Win 10.
So i’ve waited till it died.

But now the question is: Where can I get/buy a license for C-10.5 as it seems to be a welcome upgrade to my C-10 Artist license.

The Cubase upgrade numbering at Steinberg is a little weird - the .5 upgrades have been paid upgrades for a number of years/versions.

And the current version is actually Cubase 11 - so you could upgrade to that at the Steinberg shop, if you want to.

I rather would have that 10.5 upgrade for less.
A pity that i can’t complete my Cubase Artist 10 version…

Your Artist version should still work with your eLicenser - just download, install and run - no need to activate again - if you have the Cubase 10 license on your eLicenser

I have the Cubase 10 license on my eLicenser and C-10 works.

I also downloaded C-10.5.20 but doesn’t allow me to install it. (the activation code has been used already…), see first post.

Besides that, I have also a C-10.0.60 update which installed with no problem.

These are the downloads I have:

Your eLicenser looks good.

I’d start with running the Cubase_10_Installer_win (if you already extracted the stuff from the zip file into the folder “Cubase 10 uitgepakt” then the actual installer program is probably in there.

And after that is finished, run the Cubse 10.0.60_Update_win

After those two installations are done, you should be able to open and run Cubase Artist 10

You can delete both Cubase 10.5.20 files entirely, since they won’t work for you.

But the question still remains.
How do I get the Cubase Artist 10.5.20 upgrade to complete my Cubase Artist 10.0.60?

you don’t need 10.5.20 to get to 10.0.60

you go from 10.0.20 to 10.0.60

(10.5.x is larger than 10.0.x)