Cubase Artist 10


I have Cubase Element 10 and purchase the Cubase Artit 10. Waiting for my USB eLicense.

My question:

Do I have to remove my older versions of Cubase ( AI 9.5 and Element 10) before installing Cubase Artist 10

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CB Artist will install as a separate program allowing you to use Elements if the need arises.

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Thank you!

Previously I have Cubase AI 9.5, free, when I bought my Yamaha MG12HU. The first install was OK but When I try to reinstall it on my Laptop, I always have a message telling me that my code has already been use and I should reactive my code or get back to the place were I bought the mixer.

When I reactive the code, I always got a Email whit the same code…

Is it important to have that CB or with CB artis 10 I should be OK?

Sorry for my english writing, I’m a french music player from Montreal.

All projects that were created in AI should open in Artist. Artist has all that AI does and way more. You shouldn’t need AI any more.

If you bought the upgrade to go from Element to Artist, you will need to move your soft eLicense of Element to the USB key in order to upgrade your license. So, you will loose the ability of opening Ele 10. But your Ele 10 projects will open no problem in Artist 10. If you bought a full version of artist 10, you can use both.


Thank You.

Everything works find. But, if I take out my USB key from the laptop, Cubase,s not working. Is that normal?

Yeah, that’s how it’s designed.

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I`ve just bought Groove Agent 5 and Essentiel Metal, Do I have to load them on my C disk ssd (256 GB), where is my Cubase, or I could load them on my D disk Hd ( 1 TB), where I save my projects.