Cubase Artist 11.0.20 Build 371 Normalzing audio track and waveform dissapears

If you’re reading this. Just click the “Rewind” button next to the trash can button after you’ve opened the normalize window. It will set the default value to 0dB. If that’s what you want. heh


Please, what do you mean by

How does it disappear, please? Canyon see a flat line, or the whole Audio event disappears? Could you attach a screenshot, please? What happens, if you try to Zoom In/Out?

Audio event/drum loop… has a waveform… Peaks/transients/audio waveform is visible. You can see the shape of the waveform. And hear it’s audible.

Normalize waveform… No visualization of waveform. No sound whatsoever.
Undo norm… waveform is visible, with sound.


If there is even not a sound to hear… How did you set the Normalize, please? I expect, you are talking about the Direct Offline Process.


I didn’t notice the maximum peak level was set to -50.00 dB :slight_smile:

Thank you for being patient with me martin. Have a good one!