Cubase Artist 11 crashes when trying to use Groove Agent 5 (Education)

I have windows 10, Cubase Artist 11, just bought Groove Agent 5 (Education) - GA SE works just fine but when I try to add a track using Groove Agent as the instrument or attempt to ‘edit instrument’ (I could add tracks yesterday…) on existing GA5 tracks I get an error:
CreateWicBitmapRenderTarget result= -2003238901
and Cubase shuts down. It’s somehow connected to GA5.
Any ideas?

So it’s working sometimes- like now. What I did was right click the Cubase .exe file- gave me the option to run with integrated graphics so I chose that (even though the nvidia ‘activity’ monitor says otherwise) and then ran as administrator. (which has worked and not worked- got an error before). Anyway it’s working right now.