Cubase Artist 11 does not recognize Superior Drummer 2 in previous projects

After upgrading to Cubase Artist 11 my Superior Drummer tracks do not play back in my previously recorded projects.

hi Ed

when you say ‘do not play back’ - do you mean the plugin is not found ?
have you checked your plugin paths in the plugin manager to make sure they match your older cubase version ? or is it on the blocklist ?

Hi Dr M,
I can not find it in the plugin path or the blocked list. The 64 bit Superior Drummer plugin is installed on my computer.

So you can’t load SD2 in C11 artist at all ?
Do you still have your old version of cubase installed ?
Does SD2 still work in that version ?

if so then look at the plugin manager of that version to find out where it the actual ‘.dll’ is installed
then make sure that path is in the plugin manager of C11 artist…