Cubase Artist 11 Frequent Crashing wdmaud.drv

Hey all. New to the forums here.

I can’t tell exactly what seems to be the issue with Cubase and my audio interface, but it’s driving me nuts. I’ve done everything I can think of from reinstalling Cubase, reinstalling my drivers, and even reformatting my entire computer yet the error still persists. The problem is as follows.

Upon seemingly random chance when starting Cubase, the process will just stop responding. Sometimes, killing it in Task Manager works, sometimes, it doesn’t. I get a similar issue with Cantabile, though it’s less common. When it hangs up like this, trying to restart the computer won’t even shut the application down, I get an unnamed hanging process preventing a restart. I have to hold the power button on my computer just to get it to shut down.

Sometimes, this issue will occur three or four times in succession before I can even open Cubase, and sometimes my audio in Cubase will just stop working, meaning I have to restart it, inviting this issue into the middle of my work session.

The only third-party tricks i’m using within my setup are a couple of plugins (Vocaloid 5) and Synchronous Audio Router, though I disabled the latter and problems would still persist.

Sometimes when it crashes and restarts in safe mode, I get a message saying that the error is with wdmaud.drv. I’ve attached the .dmp file here if anyone knows how to read it.

Cubase Artist 64bit 2021.7.13 (483.7 KB)

I have no clue what part of my setup is causing the problem. Do I have a faulty audio interface? Is SAR known for causing issues like this (I haven’t seen anyone else discussing problems like this)? If anyone can help, it would be much appreciated.