Cubase Artist 12 crashes with Groove Agent 5 SE

Hello everyone,

Cubase Artist 12 crashes after clicking through Groove Agent 5 SE presets.
I run Cubase via Rosetta 2 on a Mac Mini M1 with Apple Silicon.
Any ideas? Thank you!!!
The Full Report is to long to put in here - and also can’t be appended via Upoload as *.txt file…

Cubase and Groove Agent are up to date…


Attach the source *.ips file (zipped), please.

Where to find this *.ips file? Or how to save it from here / screenshot to the forum?
Thank you!

I found it: in the Console Programm of Macos :smiley:

Cubase 12-2022-12-06-193540.ips (60.3 KB)

Please can anyone have a look at the ips file?
Deinstalled GA 5 SE, then reinstalled it - behaviour stays the same. After several GA preset changes Cubase crashes :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Ah I just found out: after the crash the dialog lets you send the ips-report directly to Steinberg - did that. Just not sure what happens then. I guess they inspect it and with luck it gets into the next update - iiif more people have that problem, dubdidu :innocent:

I just tested the standalone version of Groove Agent 5 SE:
I loaded a lot of presets and no crash occured. So this seems to be a problem within Cubase 12 /Artist.
Still hoping for a solution :innocent:

I keep having crashing with Groove Agent 5 while in Cubase 12 pro. See my thread here:
“A serious problem has occurred…” often in Groove Agent 5 - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

It’s interesting that it is happening on both Mac and PC. And the crashes seem to only occur while running in Cubase 12, not in standalone, or even when I tried it in Pro Tools (Note I later was able to crash Pro Tools while in Groove Agent 5). Weird.

I just tried the preference “hopping” in a new Cubase Project:
no crash occured.
Then did it in an existing project where the crash happended in the first place:
the crash occured!
Is this an indicator, that it is a project-setting problem?
I’ll try out more with disabling and so forth - will write here.
Still: please Steinberg look into my ips file - you might see the problem better than I can as non programer :wink:

Thank you for linking your similar thread!

Ouké veeery interesting:
On template projects AND on empty projects (then adding a GA-track etc. …) from Steinberg Cubase: no crash when hopping through GA 5 SE presets for minutes.
On two selfmade projects:
The crash occures!!!
Here the crash *.ips of the other project newly used:
Cubase 12-2022-12-08-092418.ips (72.7 KB)


This crash is also in the Groove Agent SE.

That’s what I’m using, the SE version :wink:

Support is on it. I will post news here.


Very eager to see if this is resolved, currently GA 5 is unusable for me.

Little Update:
I sent a video of the Crash to support. They asked me to. Thanks to support for being on it!
To be more specific about crash-behaviour:
10 times I can hopp to a random preset via pressing L on my MacOs Keyboard. The 11th time Cubase Artist crashes. So some weird thing is counting to 10 - aaaah :face_with_spiral_eyes:
I mean with a bug like that I will not consider buying more GA-related Drums. It is a great tool but not usable with constant crashing in the creative process :robot:

support told me they found the problem and it will be fixed with the next update!
I’ll write more after that.
Apparently it is a problem with the undo-function in Groove Agent. So I guess when GA is updated the next time it should be fixed.
Support said to be patient :slight_smile:

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i’m also getting a crash with GE SE with cubase 12,
it happens when i’m loading a sample to a pad sometimes.
it suddenly tells me that the project is corrupt and cubase stops responding.
not every time i’m loading a sample, but every once in a while
did it happen to anyone else ?

Same issue here - GA SE, C12 - browsing through patches using the on face browser - and random crash. I can get maybe 10 or 15 kits before it hits. Please fix this!!

Exactly this , the worst part about building a new machine is updating all the software and finding out your go to drum machine doesn’t work in the latest Cubase 12 without crashing . PITA
This really does need addressing