Cubase Artist 12 freezes/crashes

I’ve just bought Artist 12 which I installed via Steinberg Download Assistant, so I’m assuming I have the latest version. I have a small project of 15 instruments : it loads up ok (takes nearly 7 minutes tho’) but then I just can’t do anything.
I tried 2 things :

  1. I wanted to see if my headphones were connected, but I couldn’t even display the Control Panel
  2. I wanted to export a mixdown, can’t even get past ‘Export’

My pc is using Windows 10, every other application I have works just fine, but Cubase just hangs there. Well, sometimes it does crash, and when I relaunch it, I get the message ‘no valid licences’ and have no other option but to reboot.

Any ideas?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Could you attach the DMP file, please?

Thank you.
I’m not an IT person - where do I find the dmp file?