Cubase Artist 12 upgrade from Elements 11 - Verification Pending

Hello, I purchased the Cubase Artist 12 Upgrade from Cubase Elements 6 - 11 on 21/09/2022 but I have been unable to activate the product through my soft elicenser (registered at steinberg ) . The licenser simply shows no upgradable licenses available when I enter the activation code (although i can see my older cubase elements 11 license on the list . The product shows as ’ not yet activated’ on the e licenser products page but appears as ‘activated-verification pending’ on the Steinberg licensing manager. Here’ s what my products page looks like.

I am normally able to use Cubase Artist 12 for my work but can’ t help but feel this issue needs to be resolved before the temporary license period ends. Any help ? Thanks!

Have you followed these steps yet?

Thanks for replying, yes, I have, here is what happens after i enter the DAC and the e licenser opens:
I’ m pretty sure i bought the correct upgrade. : Cubase Artist 12 upgrade from Cubase Elements 6-11

Cubase Elements 11 shows that it is upgraded to Cubase 12 with Steinberg Licensing.

Did you look into the Activation Manager and check the new Cubase 12 license there?

I did the free upgrade from elements 11 to 12 a few days ago (this was after I had purchased the upgrade to artist 12 from elements 11 (stupid, i know, could have saved a few dollars)) This is what the steinberg activation manager shows

Hi @siisx, your Cubase Artist Upgrade is looking for a Cubase Elements 11. But you have updated that one to Cubase Elements 12. That’s why the upgrade processing is still pending.

You will need a different license upgrade (from Cubase Elements 12 to Cubase Artist 12). Please get in contact with Asknet.

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thank you, I will do that, however I should note that I only did this upgrade a few days ago hoping it would resolve the issue. I have been unsuccessfully trying to perform the upgrade to artist since my Elements 11 license was in the ‘‘grace period eligible’’ phase.

update: I have opened a ticket on Asknet since september 28 with no reply as of yet. Any idea how long they take to reply in general? I am also unable to login to check my ticket status, my credentials don’ t seem to work (website says “not authorised”)