Cubase Artist 12 works on my laptop not desktop with dongle

Hi all
Windows OS/System: I upgraded cubase Artist 11 to Artist 12 under the grace period. The dongle shows Cubase 12 as licensed on my dongle in the e-Licensor control Center. Cubase Artist 11 and Artist12 both wok on my laptop but only Artist 11 works on my desktop computer - attempting to use Artist 12 gives ‘No valid license’ message and won’t start.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled e-licensor control center several times using the specified method and uninstalled and reinstalled Cubase Artist 12 several times (and confirmed it is tthe Artist version installed each time). The dongle still shows the Artist 12 full license in the e-Licensor program and 12 continues to work on my laptop but not on the desktop computer, although Artist 11 still does.

Sorry, but this is not possible.
Cubase12 uses the new Steinberg Licensing, no Dongle needed any more for C12.

Thanks - you’re right. A12 does work on my laptop without the dongle. I hadn’t tried that as the the dongle shows “Artist 11 updated to Artist 12” so I’d assumed it was needed.
I still have to find out why A12 isn’t working on the desktop though but that’s really helpful👍

You need to install the Steinberg licence manager and activate 12 on your desktop too.

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Is it activated?
Open activation manager to see if it’s activated.

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Hi @Chris-Topher,

As written by the guys you only need the Steinberg Activation Manager to run Cubase 12.

Does the Cubase 12 license show up in the Activation Manager on your desktop? If not, could you please double-check that you use the some log-ins in the Activation Manager as you do in the Download Assistant.

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Thanks guys: activation Manager was the issue. This issue was muddied by the fact that a A12 was working on the laptop without me having to access the activation manager which was a new thing, to authorise it.
Perhaps there’s a grace period where it works for a while before activating it but on just one computer maybe?
I have now activated it on the laptop and the desktop and it works.
Once again thanks to you all - I’d got into a mental cul-de-sac and couldn’t get out! LOL