Cubase Artist 6.5 cannot export MP3

Hi, yesterday while exporting a project, i had such a message:

The license required for application ‘MP3 Encoder C’ was deactivated, because it needs to be validated.
Should the licenseserver validate the licenses now?

You can use the ‘Validate License Usage Periods’ wizard of the ‘eLicenser Control Center’ to validate this license later.

I have Cubase Artist 6.5 with all last updates and checked licence periods.

And have you bought the full license for the mp3 encoder already…?

So, to export mp3 file in Cubase Artist i had to buy additional license?
I had read somewhere that you will be able to export even after 20 times usage.

i have Artist 6. Two years ago you got 20 x free MP3 exports included with the package. Then you had to purchase a lisence for ulimited MP3 exports which i think costed me around 20 Euros.

So i am guessing the procedure is still the same.

Yep, if you buy an additional license for unlimited mp3 encoding.

Full Cubase comes with a permanent license, artist unfortunately does not. Not Steinbergs fault, it’s the actual codec that’s that expensive.
You can however export to wav and convert it to MP3 later with a freeware program though, if you’re not willing to spend the money. The id3 tagging system in Cubase is ancient anyway :wink:

Hi Strophoid, thanks for that post.

Do you recommend freeware that is as good technically as the one in Cubase, but has better tagging?

What is suboptimal about Cubase’s tagging?


If tagging is crucial to you then fair enough, but otherwise the MP3 converter with Cubase is excellent and for the price and convenience of keeping everything under on roof, i would purchase the Steinberg version.

Hello MJL, I already have it, and it is great to hear it is high quality. Just wondering what others feel is lacking re: tagging.


As far as i am aware, the tagging works fine for me. Though i have never compared it with any alternatives so there may well be better options on the market (as Strophoid suggests).

i have not had any issues whatsoever with the Steinberg MP3 Converter.

The one in Cubase works well enough but could use some improvements. I wish Cubase would save the tags with the project. I guess it would be nice if you could include a picture tag as well. At some point though you start getting out of the realm of what Cubase is meant to do.
There is a free program called MP3tag here…
It comes fairly highly recommended on C/Net as a safe, simple, tag editor that does pictures (multiples) and batch processing.

Yes, I use mp3tag for tagging. Export mp3 in Cubase , but I do the tags in mp3tag. You get very limited options in Cubase. Just a few fields and ‘genre’ is practically unusable because you can’t add more genres to the list and they’re in some random order.