Cubase Artist 6.5 - Routing input bus to output bus


Okay, probably a very easy question to answer…

Today I upgraded from an Echo Mia audio card (around 10 years old) to a Native Instruments Komplete 6 Audio card. The Mia console software provided useful routing options, but the 6 Audio does not have them, so it looks like I will need to route in Cubase Artist.

The Setup:
I have several hardware synths (yes, very old skool) going through a Yamaha 01V digital mixer (also old skool), and then from the 01V to the Audio 6 via SPDIF. I’m using the Audio 6 outputs 1 & 2 for the studio monitors.

The Problem:
How do I get the audio from the SPDIF input of the Audio 6 to outputs 1 & 2 for monitoring. There is no way to route it in the Audio 6 console, like I could do with the Mia.

The solution I have figured out so far in Cubase Artist 6.5:

  • Create an audio track connected to the stereo 2 input (which is the SPDIF)
  • Route the audio track to an output bus and set the monitor button to “on”

My Question
Is there a way I can create a default routing without have to create an audio track in each project? I would like to always have the SPDIF input of the Audio 6 routed to outputs 1 & 2 for monitoring.

I find it strange that the Mia had such flexible routing but the Audio 6 does not.

Thanks for any advice! :bulb:


I don’t think you’ll be able to set Cubase to have that input/output permanently linked.

I’m curious as to why you want to monitor the input without recording (ie using an audio track)?

Depends on hardware capabilities and software design.
I’m assuming that the Audio 6 doesn’t have its own software mixer.

Thank you for the reply…

Sometimes I like to sit down and just play with the hardware synths and not worry about creating tracks, etc. In the old days I would monitor from the 01V mixer and wouldn’t even need the PC to be powered on. Now that I am also using software synths it makes more sense to do everything in the PC.

It is not stated in the Audio 6 manual whether the S/PDIF input is avaiable as a direct monitor source or not, but it might be worth a try if you haven’t already. If not then you could always make an analog connection from the 01V instead and use the monitor function.
Otherwise, in Cubase you could make a template with the setup you’re describing for easy access.