Cubase Artist 6.5 & Scores

Hello, i got a problem with score editor, sheets aren`t shown correctly, so how can i setup the score editor?


What is wrong on showing?

Scores aren`t showed correctly, for example where i played 10 notes only two of them are shown etc., quantize is off.

Is it same for all project? Are you using your own template, or do you use any template from Steinberg? What abou to use Empty template? Can you send screenshot of MIDI data from the KEy Editor and Score Editor sidy-by-side?

Did you set Quantise in the same editor as you played the notes? ie: You set the quantise in the main arrange page and recorded the midi either in the Score editor or the Key editor.

I don’t know what features are included with Artist, but also try this:

go into Score edit, menu: Score> Settings, select the staff tab and make sure the four options under “Interpretation Options” are NOT checked. Also, set Display Quantize to the highest numbers possible.

The result might be messy, but you will see all the notes that are there. That should get you started.

Yeah, that really helped,thank you))