Cubase Artist 6/7 Comparison (help?)

Hi folks,

i already have Cubase Artist 6 and was thinking of upgrading to Artist 7 costing £130. What i am not sure about though is three specific things. i did have a good look at the specifications but wanted to check with members on here (preferably someone who has Artist 7) first.

1 - i have HALion Sonic and HALion SE but wondered if Artist 7 comes with any additional sounds to these ??

2 - Does Artist 7 come with any extra VST FX (eg. Chorus, Compressors, etc) ?? And does it come with the full version of Roomworks Reverb (ie. not the SE version).

3 - Does Artist 7 come with the VariSpeed facility ??

Thanks very much in advance…



Hi guys,

i am definately going to purchase a hard copy of Cubase Artist 7 (so an Upgrade from my current Artist 6). Its 140 GBP delivered by my regular ebay music shop (Absolute Music Solutions who are excellent).

Does anyone know if there is a TIME LIMIT from when you purchase the item to when it needs to be installed (like 28 x days or something) ??



Hi monsterjazzlicks,

no time limit at all. You can install Cubase and activate your license whenever you want.


Thanks Luis,

And do i then have to UNISTALL Artist 6 or does Artist 7 automatically overwrite it ??



They are separate programs. You can leave 6 installed.

Cheers Jaslan,

So am am best to keep BOTH versions (Artist 6 & 7) on my PC ?? Could i not get ‘conflictions’ by having two Cubase programs onboard ??

i have never upgraded before and so i want to make sure i do it the correct way !! :astonished:



It doesn’t matter, they can live together just fine but they don’t need eachother. I suggest you keep 6 until you are sure the conversion is complete and all your old projects open fine in your new Cubase.

Cheers Strophoid,

Thats a really good idea, ta.

So the Uprgrade to Artist 7 RETAINS Artist 6 on a PC. i thought it would automatically erase it. i did not realise you could have BOTH programs running on the same PC.

But obviously you need Artist 6 in the first place to upgrade (otherwise you would have to buy Artist 7 from scratch).



Actually, the only thing you need in order to upgrade is the LICENSE. You don’t even need to have Cubase 6 installed during the upgrade. Your Cubase 6 license will be replaced with a C7 license (which will run prior versions of Cubase). But the programs themselves are basicallly untouched and irrelevant in the upgrade process.

Thanks Jaslan,

i got it now. So its the eLicensor which gets updated. And therefore the Artist 7 software does not replace or borrow from the Artist 6 software.


It might depend on what upgrade you get - Some download upgrades require the content (HalionSonic SE, Rverence…) of a previousliy installed version 6.

Thanks TC,

i am going for the BOXED version in any case. Much prefer having a hard copy for many reasons.


Then there should not be a problem…

Thanks guys,

That’s all really helpful indeed.

I purchased Artist 7 today (along with some other things) and so it should arrive in the post by end of next week.

If I get stuck with anything then I know where to come !! :nerd:


Good luck with your batch of new acquisitions, been on a spending spree I believe :wink:

Thanks Strophoid,

Yes, quite !! Especially with the MINIMOOG Model D i treated myself to last week !! i have wanted one for 25 x years.


i will be in receipt of my purchased Cubase Artist 7 this weekend. :mrgreen:

Does anyone know if you can run this on TWO PC’s please ?? (ie. like you can with Sibelius).


Hi monsterjazzlicks,

you are allowed to install it in up to 3 computers, but you can only use it on one at a time, since the Dongle has to be connected the whole time.


Cheers Luis,

So multi-istallation is fine and the dongle allows you to computer-hop.

i was asking because i am buying a new laptop this week (so i will the have a Dell 15" screen and a Dell 17" screen) and was not sure about this fact. So am i also able to install all the other Steinberg related software (eg. HALion Sonic and Content Loop Sets) onto a second PC ??



If you meant Steinberg instead of Sibelius, then yes :slight_smile: