cubase artist 6 and Apple loops?

there is the way to load Apple loops in Cubase 6 and cubase artist 6?


I dont’ think there is a way (directly). We use a lot of Apple Loops, but have to convert them first. Soundtrack Pro can load sevearl then batch-process them to standard .WAV files that Cubase likes just fine.

I’m sure there must be 100 other ways, that’s just what we’ve used.

Hope this helps


Hi Walter,

I’m interested in doing this as well, but haven’t found a way of saving the tempo information ,etc. with the loop. Is this possible do you know?



Never found a way … just wish SB would add Apple Loop compatibility and be done with it! Please?



I found that you can set up a batch file in Amadeus Pro that allows a bulk convert of .caf files to .wav or .aiff files - you can then at least use the Apple Loops in this format in Cubase. Other audio editors maybe allow the same, but it is very easy in Amadeus.