Cubase Artist 6 simple midi playing is clipped

Hi all,

I recently bought Cubase Artist 6 and installed it on my computer

Laptop DELL Latitude E6500
Intel Core 2 Duo CPU 2.94 GHz
Windows 7 32 Bits

My problem is quite simple. Midi tracks are not played correctly, they are like clipped.

As an example I simply created 2 bars of black notes and looped those two bars.

As you can hear the problem is that it is not playing smoothly however the two bars are straight. It’s like if the computer is missing notes.

The midi track is played through the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth. I also tried to play it throught a M-AUDIO uno midi interface to my DR-880 and also directly to my DR-880 with the USB cable (set to midi).

In all 3 cases the midi tracks plays clipped.

But everything works fine in SONAR LE. In all 3 cases the same track exported by cubase and played in SONAR LE is played correctly.

So this show that the porblem comes from cubase and not from my computer or my hardware.

I have also tried to play the same track in an instrument track played with VST HAlion SE and the track is played correctly. It seems it is only with the midi tracks of cubase.

I have searched a little bit in the preferences but without beeing able to figure out how to correct it.

Anyone can help or anyone has a clue ?



The synths you’re using are for Windows and the soundcard, not for use in Cubase. Try it with the Cubase VSTi’s or check out kvraudio for some freebees.

Thank you for your reply but I am sorry I don’t understand your answer ?

My Roland DR-880 is a Rythm Machine with bass and drum sound. I use to control it with midi tracks. One track for the drums on channel 10 one track for the bass on channel 2.

To control it I have 2 choices.

  1. Use the USB Port of the DR-880 and the USB port is set as a midi interface
  2. Use my M-AUDIO Uno 1x1 midi interface.

In both cases the problem is that the midi track is not played correctly. The file I have put is just to show the playing problem. I mean you should hear straight note at the same speed all the time but when you listen some notes are “missing”. This can be clearly heard when I have a midi track controlling the bass section of my DR-880. The notes are not played correctly.

The problem is that the same midi track put in SONAR LE and also controlling my DR-880 is played correctly so I think it is a Cubase problem.

Perhaps I dont’ get the point but for me I cannot control my DR-880 through midi with a VST track as you are proposing ?

Perhaps I am simply not clear in explaining my problem.

M-Audio kit requires the use of Emulated Ports. There’s a Knowledge Base article that explains how to get them to show. The MS Wavetable is not for use in Cubase, as I stated.