Cubase Artist 6 Upgrade from Cubase Essentials 4 or 5

Hi i’m trying to find this upgrade on the Steinberg shop, but cannot find it anywhere.
I’d like to upgrade to Artist 6 from Essential 5.
This shop here sells it:

Since i cannot find it on the steinberg website any more, does this mean, this upgrade is not eligible any more ??
I’d hate to purchase this and find out it’s not worthy no more.

Thanks ahead.

It’ still available from the Steinberg shop.

Thanks for your reply Cap. But i’m either completely blind or looking in the wrong section. I cannot see anything like that on the Steinberg shop page in Cubase section.
Could it be due to my country location i’m not viewing it? (Australia)

I’ve often had problems navigating the Steinberg site, it’s a bit of a maze and don’t you just hate it when some clever bod tells you it’s still available but doesn’t actually give you any help, what on earth is that about ?..Kevin

quite certain…

It’s $20 cheaper on Ebay… :wink: