cubase artist 6

Hi all i’m using Cubase artist 6 I’m a songster not a producer but it’s same old, you have to learn the basics .Does anyone know of a you tube tutorial or a book I could get to explain in simple terms how to use my onboard plugins EQ reverb compression etc; I looked at some tutorials on youtube (Mathew T Lolworth) is excellent but dosen’t really deal with the onboard basics of cubase artist 6 ,( Andrea Steffi) is also very good but i’m afraid drives me to despair with nonchalance. In bookform (Simon Millward) is good but also too tecnical. I don’t really want to keep upgrading as I think it should be possible to get good results with what i have, my music pc is not online so i dont get bothered with rubbish if I need to download, I do it elsewhere. I want to understand it without getting too technical about mega herts etc; EG; For ballad vocals you need to do this, for drums you need to do that, etc; this might help me to get my recordings sounding more professional than just a muddy demo which i’m tired of creating. Help! : :confused: