cubase artist 7 and waves v9r14

hi guys,

i’ve just recently bought some waves plugins and i’m having an issue with the l3-16 (no issues with any of the other waves plugins installed so far).

i have been in touch with waves tech support but they say that cubase artist 7 is not supported so they have not given me much help.

the problem is that when i create a project, only placing just a 5 minute or so wav file (24bit, 44.1khz) onto a stereo audio track and then just an l3-16 on the master output - as soon as i do that the audio breaks up, vst performance/real-time peak overloads.

this is happening when my soundcard latency is set to 256, if i change the latency to 1024 things seem ‘ok’ and there is no overload but only just, it still does not seem right.

i’ve reinstalled windows, cubase and waves but its made no difference. the waves plugins etc. i believe are all installed into their correct folder(s). i dont know if theres anything i can do to try and fix this issue properly, i’m hoping you guys can maybe help and/or advise?


The l3-16 is a mastering processor that introduces a fair helping of latency, it’s best used in wavelab or similar program where it only has to deal with a stereo audio track, it may help if you keep you mute some of the crossover points? The C4 is really good on the master bus or groups


The L3-16 is a resource hog! What you are seeing is quite normal… I also agree the L3-16 is best used on the mix bus in Cubase!


Same issue here. L3-16 creates a ton of latency and doesn’t work well if the sound card latency is too low.
Unless you really need the multiband aspect of the L3-16, I’d recommend using the older L2 instead, or use it separated from the recording stage with the required large buffers.

There is also a “low latency” version of the L3-16 included in the product: L3-LL.

hi guys and thanks for your replies.

whilst testing an l3-16 in with quite a busy project my cpu and memory usage is low.

if vst performance overload is down to a sound card capability/limitation issue, what could be recommended in place of my m-audio 192 that would handle no problem the l3-16 at low latency and give me plenty of vst performance power?

i take it that cpu and memory doesnt matter all that much then when it comes to the vst performance power?


It really does not feel like a sound card issue. It revolves around your CPU. That plug requires a TON of CPU to process. Better done on the final master instead of within a project where it is competing with other plugins for your CPU time.


yh i only tested the l3-16 in a busy project just to see what task manager reports my cpu and memory usage as and its low with both. i do otherwise just use the l3-16 in a stereo file only project.

so thats what i dont get, why is my vst performance overloading if my cpu and ram are not being used to even half their ‘available power’?