Cubase Artist 7 - No Signal in Track

When i first got Cubase7 Artist I used the trial which i believe has all the features of full cubase7. so the trial expired and now i am on just Artist. Recently, i am not able to record to any track on Cubase 7 Artist.

I get signal from Mono 1 and 2 etc. I select Mono 1 as input for the track but there is no signal in the track and no waveform when recording (yes the track is armed). The input puts have been properly selected in VST connections.

I can successfully record in other audio programs like Sound Forge and Cubase LE. I reinstalled Cubase 7 Artist and updated to the latest update. still there is no signal going to the track. yet there is still signal in the input view.

Win7 64bit * Presonus Firestudio * Intel i3 processor

Update here…I found that i can record and get signal to the track only when the Monitor button is turned on in the track. This sucks because of the latency. i just want to monitor through my interface.

Any help would be appreciated.

I thought i had figured it out, changed the to “Tapemachine Style” monitoring. this is under File>Preferences>VST>Audio Monitoring

This didn’t actually resolve my issue. all this does is automatically engage the monitor when the track is armed.

I have to be able to monitor direct from my interface because C7 monitoring has too much delay. :frowning:

If you want to monitor via your interface, you need to enable “direct monitoring”, or if not available for your interface, its own implementation of “zero latency monitoring”

Yep, i am monitoring direct from my interface (no problem there). The problem is i can record or get signal to the track unless the monitor button for that track is turned on.

is there a way to turn this “Feature” off and be able to record if the track is armed and the monitor button is turned off.

I´m not getting it - what is the question now…?

The signal is coming through Mono/mic 1. i can see the meter dancing when i talk into the mic.

the signal does not rout to the track unless the monitor button is engaged (and the track is armed).

If i engage the monitor button i get my input doubled, one from interface and one from the cubase monitor). Since the cubase monitor is a few ms delay it sounds all weird like and not condusive to recording.

switch Cubase or your interface or both (refer to manuals) to direct monitoring. Or mute the Cubase output.