Cubase Artist 7 - Tempo functions?

Hi there,

I’m struggling to find a definitive answer as to which tempo features are present/cut from Cubase 7 Artist, when compared to the full Cubase 7. I would have thought that a “set tempo track from tapping” function would be a bread-and-butter option in all but the most basic down versions of the software, but after a lot of searching i’m slightly concerned to find that it seems like this feature has been cut out of the Artist version of Cubase, and is only available in the full version?

If this is correct, please could someone explain to me the best way to dynamically adjust the tempo of a project in accordance to a dynamic and loose, say, acoustic guitar track recorded without a click/metronome. Ideally, I need to be able to simply tap out the rhythm of the guitar and then have that feed into the tempo track of the project, but it doesn’t look like I can inside of Cubase 7 Artist?

Thanks for your help,

So I got around this by simply creating a tempo track with regular keyframes on it and simply adjusting the keyframes (incresing/decresing the BPM) until the descernable “beats” or “hits” of my audio waveform (It was a guitar track so I knew which pluck was on the first beat of a bar) matched up perfectly with the project’s timeline. Worked well in the end. If anyone needs additional help on how to do this I can explain further.