Cubase Artist 7 - Upgrade from Elements 7 problem

Hi i am really stressed out at the moment, i spent £80 on Cubase Artist 7 Upgrade boxed with usb E-licenser. The seller did not state clearly that you had to have elements 6/7 already installed to get an upgrade to Artist 7. I am new & kinda behind on this elicenser stuff as i used cubase a long time ago, anyway after i found someone who was selling cubase LE 7 with soft licenser to upgrade to cubase elements 7 (Exactly what i need to use for the code of artist 7 upgrade) i then spent another £40, now £120 in total just so i could upgrade to elements 7 as i couldnt see it on web or on steinberg site. Anyway ive downloaded le 7 and clicked option to upgrade to elements 7, on my order page it said Elements 7 - it cost me another £37. I download elements 7 zip file after but when i entered activation code, to my horror it says upgraded to elements 8 instead of 7. The whole reason i bought LE 7 & Elements 7 was to upgrade specifically to Artist 7, Please tell me steinberg can sort problem for me as ive already spent alot of money. Ive spent another £37 (£77 in total) just for upgrade to elements 7 but its gave me elements 8 instead, and the artist 7 usb upgrade will not accept it because it is not elements 7. Help!