Cubase Artist 8.5 crashes on launch

Hi everyone,

I just installed 8.5 (as well as 8… installed that first and found out I was in the grace period for the upgrade), and they both crash after the startup screen. I never make it to the interface. 8 shows the list of things it’s initializing, while 8.5 doesn’t. On the same machine, 7.5 runs fine.

I don’t see this problem listed anywhere here in the threads.

Any ideas?

I’m on an early 2009 24" iMac, 2.93 GHz Core 2 Duo, 8GB RAM, OS X 10.11.4.


  1. Make sure, you have the latest update installed, please.

  2. Make sure, your plug-ins are up-to-date, please.

I decided to make a new user account on my Mac. Most of my plugins are in my user library folder. I did not copy them to this account.

So I just launched 8.5, and it seems to be getting farther along. It asked me where my Waves folder was, and I saw another plug in throw up a quick window showing it was scanning for something.

And… it just crashed. It lasted much longer than before. I’m going to remove all the third party plugins now.

Ok, removed all the third party plugins, except AmpliTube and SampleTank, since I knew they are current, and we have lift off!

Thanks. :slight_smile: