Cubase Artist 8.5 export multiple tracks without plugins?

Is there an easier way to export all of my tracks without plugins or eq settings for sending to a mixer/mastering guy other than individually turning off everything on every track and exporting many many times individually?

I know the pricier Cubase has that nifty BatchExport feature.

As you mentioned, Cubase Pro has Batch Export, which is exactly for this.

In Cubase Artist, I woukd probably use Render In Place, which could speed it up a bit. But even then, you have to select tracks one-by-one. Select - Render; select next one - Render, etc.

Hmm Render in Place looks promising and I just found out you can select multiple tracks at once. Tried it but it doesn’t create a whole stem that go from the beginning of the song to the end. Instead, it makes these files that start where the track starts and ends early.

I’d like to make whole stems so we can place them at zero and they are ll in place from beginning to end.

Here’s a tip I found on how to do that.

In a nutshell: adding “blank” items before the beginning of the start of the wavs and after the end of the longest one. Then, you render in place.