Cubase Artist 8.5 won't launch - new Win10(64) install

I’m in the process of upgrading my main desktop computer to Windows 10(64) and doing a clean re-install of all the apps. When I install Cubase Artist 8.5.15(64) it seems to install ok, but refuses to launch.

I tried launching the original install and then each subsequent update: 8.5.10 and then 8.5.15 (after rebooting between each). It always behaves the same way: when I double-click the launch icon nothing appears on the screen. Even running as Administrator fails and makes no difference. Launching the Task Manager shows ‘Cubase 8’ running as a background process, but the UI never appears.

The eLicenser is plugged in and the licenses are all showing. I have not yet installed the UR22, but that shouldn’t stop Cubase 8.5 from launching.

This is my second attempt as I already uninstalled and re-installed everything to see if that helped. As it has not I’m hoping there is some easy fix due to a known issue that I don’t know about.

Any ideas???

Thank you,



Install the fill installer from the original DVD (or the download) first. Then install the 8.5.15 update.

It’s fixed – though I am a bit peeved at the cause.

The eLicenser was plugged into a USB3 port. As soon as I plugged it into a USB2 port (after trying everything else) all the problems disappeared.

USB3 has been out there since 2009 and we’re now moving to USB3.1 and USB Type-C. Why would Steinberg still make a product that only works with old computers? Or at least write something on the packaging that states “The eLicenser might not work properly when connected to a USB3 port. A USB2 port is highly recommended.” There’s nothing written on the packaging, in the eLicenser release notes, nor on its website.

I’m using an ASUS P9X79-DLX which is hardly an obscure motherboard brand/model.

If there’s a pinout issue with the eLicenser then why can’t Steinberg provide an adapter in the eLicenser package that disables and/or re-routes the offending USB3 connections?

When the eLicenser itself was acting so strangely, and hung endlessly when trying to perform the maintenance task, I actually went out and bought a new eLicenser thinking the one I had was damaged!

One would think Steinberg would be more interested in providing the best possible customer experience with their products and not have them wasting time and money on an issue that seems quite widespread. I Googled “eLicenser USB3” and find others reporting the same problem on both Mac and PC.

All’s good. But gee wiz — what a waste of time and money for nothing for something that could have easily been avoided with a readme note from Steinberg. Why not add a note to the eLicenser website if nothing else…?