Cubase Artist 8 not working with MAC Mojave


I have been working with Cubase Artist 8 for quite sometime. But now i have upgraded Mac from HighSierra to Mojave.
Ever since Cubase has been very erratic with Mac Mojave. Sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t.
Is there some patch i can use which can sort out the problem.
I think it is a compatibility problem with Mojave.
Anyone can give me some solutions?

The same as for all the other apple folks asking that same question again and again after having updated their OS without thinking before:
Use a version that is supported for your OS, or use an OS that is supported for your used Cubase version.

I have purposely not updated my Mac OS since Yosemite for this very reason. There are now apparently five OS versions I’ve skipped, and this is causing problems in using other new software.

I’ve been using Cubase Elements 8. So does the above reply suggest that I simply have to purchase another version of Cubase if I want to upgrade to the newest Mac OS, either Mojave, or I guess now Catalina?

Thanks for any replies!

Thanks for any replies!

Or not.

It’s all moving toward the subscription idea. Upgrade or stay offline.