Cubase Artist 8 OR Cubase 5

Which would you recommend? I have both.

I can’t make my mind up…

Cubase 5 when full <- no brainer…

if you like hover and slower workflow like being a drunk rockstar man - then maybe go with cubase 8…

think of it like that: music from 2010 was still very good right? those artist and crippled versions are a pita… go with the full one even if its a bit older… its perfect. its in some areas even better than Cubase 8!

YOu have a full responsive mixer in Cb 5 - no hidden Hover functions!! this might sound like a joke, but it isnt…

Cb 5 is a robust version, a work horse! buy it and thank me later.

I would recommend the opposite. Cubase8 is 64 bit. 5 is not. 8 is a modern DAW. 5 is old. Thus 8 are more compatible with modern OS and plugs and will be for some years while 5 will struggle more and more in future development of computers and software. Consequence of 64 bit is that 8 will let you run memory heavy plugs like Kontakt and Omnisphere easier, given that you have more than 4 Gig of memory installed. The mixer in 8 is far better than 5 and perhaps the single best development feature in Cubase in years. No “drunk man feeling” (Wonder where that came from). The mentioned “hoover” function split the crowd in two. I love it. Artist will in most cases cover your needs, unless you operate with many tracks.

Guess that this makes you “Ginger Ninja” just more confused. I would recommend doing projects in both and see what you are most comfortable with. Watch all the tutorials on you tube that you can muster and compare to your own workflow.

+1 for that


why this question ? When you would have Cubase 5 full version, then Cubase pro 8 would the “normal” road to upgrade ?



Check out this comparison chart:
What’s missing from Cubase 8 Artist, compared with Cubase 8 Pro, are largely high end features. Features that are mostly absent in Cubase 5 anyway, so there’s no contest as far as I see. Cubase 8 Artist is definitely the way to go.

I don’t think so:
and you can find 64-bit installers for C5 in Steinberg FTP site.


Even Cubase 4 had a 64-bit “preview” version.



Both C5 and C8 here.

Both will work fine. 5 has a simpler interface which I honestly prefer. My fav interface though was Nuendo 2’s interface. Super clean, slick…not cluttered. I’m old…LOL!

It’s a toss up. What kind of editing are you doing? what kind of plug in editing arranging do you need? And how often will you use the features in 8 that 5 doesn’t have?

One thing I have noticed in the cubase artist 7.5it doesn’t have variaudio and that came with cubase 5 also there chord track has no assistant tab plus the harmonizer and other very important to the recording artist are not present…if I knew all this before I bought it I would have just went for cubase 7.5…now I’m not sure what im suppose to up grade to next to get these features and what the price?any help?

i just upgraded from 5 to 8.

i hate the new interface.
cubase 5 was much cleaner.
better workflow as well.

Today I decided to upgrade to Cubase Artist 8. I agree with the previous comment that the new interface is unusual, but in principle everything works the same.