Cubase Artist 8 routing channels to Allen & Heath ZED R16

Hi there,

I’m planning to buy Cubase Artist 8 and I want to use it with my Allen & Heath ZED R16 firewire mixing console.

Will I be able to route my digital audio channels to different channels on my ZED R 16 mixing console? Or do I need the PRO version to route them seperately?

I also want to use the ZED-R16 transport buttons as generic remote control but this will not be a problem I guess?

I just want to make shure I can mix channels of the DAW on my hardware mixing console, otherwise it wouldn’t make sense to buy this version of Cubase…

Can anyone please provide me more details to the routing options in the Artist versions of Cubase 8?

I 'd be thankfull :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome,

I would say, there will be no limitation on Cubase side, but on ZED R16. I don’t know this device, but most of these devices work like a “one-stereo-channel-only” audio device. So if you plug it via USB to the computer, you can see only one (stereo) Input and one (stereo) Output. So you can record only mixed signal, not track by track.

The same for output.

Make sure, ZED R16 can work as multi-channel USB audio device (sound-card), please.

You can download Cubase Pro 8 Trial. With this Trial version, you should be able to test your ZED R16. And I think, you can also switch to Cubase Artist with this Trial.

Zed R-16 is a step up from “most of these devices” and has an 18x18 f/w interface plus adat connections.

Artist is limited to 32 physical i/o (compared to 256 for Pro). I’m afraid I don’t actually know whether that means 32 of each or 32 total

If it’s 32 in AND 32 out then you’ll have no problem…if it’s 32 total then you won’t be able to assign all ins and outs of the Zed at once, but probably you can work around this by saving vst connections presets for different tasks (Record/Mix)

ZED R16 is a 18 channel firewire device so that shouldn’t be the problem if Cubase still suports firewire…
But thanks for the advice anyway, good idea to check the trail version in Artist mode!

So then you would have 16 ins and 16 out’s right?


I also wonder how it would work with a Lexicon mx400, will the effects module be controllable as a vst plug-in? I’ve seen it being operated as a vst plug-in in cb5 32bit version, and the mx-400’s midi connections off… But I hear a lot of people have issues to get the mx-400 running as a vst plug-in with any 64 bit daw?

The zed r16 works great with my cubase artist 8 I can really route everything anywhere I want it to go.
I didn’t get through all the new features like the render in place stuff yet, but I already love the new look and feel of it.

Hi not sure where to go on the forum?
I have an Allen and Heath ZX10 and for some reason I cannot get the software to record and then play back via the Allen and Heath. I guess its in the software setting in the Cube artist 8 but struggling to set it up.
I can paly guitars etc via Allen and heath so I know that’s set up ok

any advise would be appreciated - sorry none technical