Cubase Artist 9.5.3 Crashing


I bought a new computer recently and now I am having a problem with Cubase.
I am able to use VST instruments for 10-15 minutes before my Cubase closes itself and last played sound freezes. After I try to re-open Cubase it cannot connect my soundcard anymore. I am using Boss RC-505 loopstation as a soundcard which worked perfectly on my last computer. Only thing that helps is to reboot my soundcard and re-start my computer.

I have tried to re-install, update drivers, but nothing does the trick. I don’t even get a crashdump file nowhere.

I’ve got 8GT ram, AMD Ryzen 5 2400g processor.

Help meh :frowning:

Did you was able to solve your problem? there is 2020 AMD drivers.



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