Cubase Artist 9.5 big projects issue

Hi all:

I’m having a curious problem with Cubase and I do not know what else to do to solve it, I’ll tell you.

I create a project and I start to put libraries in Kontakt (I use 90% of the kontakt bookstore project), I have no problem
while I’m creating and adding clues and working with the project. I save the project when I finish that day, until everything is normal …

The next day I open the project (it usually takes a while since it has many bookstores loaded), when there is no activity of the discs (I have distributed the bookstores in several discs so that it takes less time to load), I give the play and the bar does not move, I am unable to play anything, the play does not work. If I close the project and I reopen it without restarting the computer, load the project and it works without problems (on the second load attempt) and then everything normal works, the Play works and I have not seen any problem with the project, everything works and I can continue.

I have looked and this does not happen to me in small projects or in those that do not use Kontakt, so I imagine that it may be related to Kontakt and the size of the libraries, but I do not know how to fix it …

Any ideas???

I have a PC with an i7 6700K, with 32GB of RAM and an ESP1010e PCI express card from ESI, with 5 milliseconds of latency, the CPU and disk load never go up to 60%.

Thanks and best regards


Isn’t it caused by loading samples to the Buffer Size?